Automotive Interior and Exterior Trim

The parts in this group are highly visible to the customer and must meet strict automotive quality standards for appearance and durability. They are molded with many different textured surfaces and custom blended colors. Parts may require a variety of value-added assembly or processes such as attachment clips, appliques, hot stamping, chrome plating and switches. They are molded in a variety of engineered resins like standard and fiberglass polyesters and nylons, ABS (low gloss, plateable and impact modified grades) and polypropylenes (copolymer, high crystalline and impact modified).

Automotive Functional Components

The parts in this group are functional automotive electrical and support pieces that are located throughout the vehicle such as fuse boxes, electrical components, under-hood and dash support brackets, water deflectors and splash shields. These parts are molded from various glass and mineral-filled nylons, acetyls, thermoplastic polyesters (PBT) and many special engineered alloy blends.

Close Tolerance and High Volume Parts

The parts in this group are high tolerance and high volume multi-cavity product such as electrical multi-wire snap together connectors, throttle cable plastic components, light bulb sockets, window track rollers and other applications that require valued-added assembly. These components are molded from many different types of engineered resins such as glass and mineral reinforced nylons, ABS, polyethylene, polypropylenes, polyurethanes, polyesters and special alloy materials.

Component Shipping Containers

Are designed to be stackable and interlocking. They can be molded in various custom and standard colors for part family identification. The materials in these applications are polyethylene, polypropylenes and polyphenylene oxide/ether (PPO/PPE) alloy. These materials can be mineral and fiberglass reinforced, impact modified and ultraviolet light stabilized to make the product durable and chemically resistant.

Consumer Sporting Goods

This protective outdoor facemask is an example of a consumer sporting goods product. The customer for this product came to us with a plastic mock-up but was unable to get tooling for the product because of the many angles and facets required. We were able to quickly develop a low cost but durable die cast tool and provide the customer with a high volume production run. The resulting tool had over 180 shut-offs and multiple drafts.

Cargo Management Components

Special use application; Components are made of Hi-Impact polymer. Each drawer unit is made of five individual parts which are assembled to create the finished unit.

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